Pingoo is a dog with unique looks. His mom has always wondered what breed he was since he does not seem to look like other dogs.

Since Pingoo is of the hairy side, his mom has always thought that he was a poodle mix. His mom still wanted to find out. This is because Pingoo has characteristics that are different from a poodle.

Pinggo’s mom brought him to a doctor who she thought could help. The vet checked Pingoo, and she had some assumptions about his breed.

The doctor said that he could be an English Sheepdog because of his fur. He can also have husky descendants because of his blue eyes. All of these are speculations, but they can’t know for sure until a blood test is done.

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During the assessment, the doctor was also asked about the Pingoo’s pink nose. This is a rare characteristic and could indicate albinism. Albinism is a pigmentation problem. This can result in the pinkish color of a dog’s nose.

Pingoo’s mom went to another doctor to have his health assessed. The doctor was satisfied with his overall health. He did advise Pingoo’s mom to get him extra protection for his eyes.

He has a little sensitivity to light. He needs to wear glasses or a hat when going out. Pingoo’s mom happily complied.

They may not have found out Pingoo’s right breed yet, but that’s okay. He’s mom still loves him no matter what breed he is.

His unique appearance is something that his mom is proud of. It’s a conversation starter that pleases his mom. Others have even described him as a foreigner if he was a human.

Pingoo may not look like the other dogs in the park, but he sure does look good in his own way. There is nothing more than his mom wants but for him to be happy and healthy.

Source SBS TV via YouTube

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