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They say that not all superheroes don capes. And yes, not all heroes drive cool cars and spaceships, too; sometimes, they drive a bus. This is what a driver from Greenback, Tennessee had proven when he decided to save the animals affected by Hurricane Florence.

Due to the shortage of rooms in animal shelters around their community, Tony was compelled to help the poor dogs left out without help. He has no animal shelter of his own, but he used what he has to provide the dogs a safe place to stay — a bus. He turned his yellow passenger bus into a temporary animal shelter by removing all the seats inside to make a big room for the dogs he would rescue. He plastered his bus with the words ‘Emergency Animal Shelter,’ so his community would easily recognize it as a safe place for the helpless animals they know.

According to the Greenville News, which first reported Tony’s heroism, he saved 53 dogs and 11 cats while the hurricane was pounding the state of Tennessee. All in all, 64 animals found a safe haven in Tony’s bus, which somehow became a modern Noah’s Ark for these helpless animals. But it turns out that this was not the first time that Tony did this heroic act. He has also responded to the hurricane zones before in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico to save the animals who desperately need someone’s help.

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With these noble missions that he has done, it is evident that Tony’s love for animals does not end on their cuteness and fluffiness alone. He shared that he has always been willing to love even those dogs who are seen by many as ‘big and ugly’ because, for him, every animal deserved to be love.

As all possible animals in their community were finally saved, he then brought them to the shelters in Foley, Alabama, so they can have a more comfortable place to stay in. Apart from being totally safe from the storm, all these stray animals would now have a chance to be adopted and have a permanent family of their own. And it’s definitely the life-changing moment they’ve all been waiting for that they truly deserve.

Source: Ryan Wilusz via Knox News

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