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There is no doubt that our doggos possess a variety of skills, but sadly, subtlety is not one of them. They are rather quite clumsy. But that’s okay since it only increases our affection for them since we find their clumsiness cute.

The dog in the funny video you can find here surely can make you fall in love with him. Even though he’s not exactly the covert kind, Steven the rescue dog enjoys stalking his dad, Nicholas. In addition to lacking the necessary skills to successfully do some stalking, Steven is quite big in size and weight 130 pounds – neither of these are ideal for stalking and stealth.

But that did not matter to Steven as the amusing dog continued to stalk his dog dad up to 10 times every day! Nicholas decided to document his dog’s odd behavior, and the resulting video compilation of Steven’s alleged stalking skills is internet gold.

The canine, as seen in the beginning of the video, appeared to be a hellish beast that was trying to sneak up on his prey. In Steven’s mind, he appeared to be absolutely invisible, but Nicholas could see him the entire time and was conversing with the dog about how ludicrous he appeared.

Genius Dog 300 x 250 - Animated

Steven’s lack of stealth skills is comparable to Drax from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Drax asserted that he could turn invisible while eating chips slowly. This dog, on the other hand, attempted to turn invisible while carrying a brightly colored ball or even a large toy! Not exactly the best plan if he’s attempting to avoid being spotted.

When Steven and Nicholas relocated to a new home, the dog began bringing his father gifts he took from the backyard. Nicholas, who had to sweep the floor, was displeased because Steven had brought in leaves, grass, and even pieces of wood. However, the dog’s father appreciates it because it is the dog’s way of apologizing for all the stalking he has been doing. Aww!

Source: The Dodo

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