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This dog has a number of titles – expert escape artist, tracker, and commuter. He did all of these in order to be with his owner. After all, he wants to be with his beloved owner at all times of the day.

When his owner went out to go to work, the canine may have felt lonely. But, it achieved something groundbreaking!

A man named Thomas McCormick was astonished when his dog, Paddy, boarded the train with him on his way to work. Paddy, a four-year-old Collie-Labrador, escaped their home and boarded the commuter train with its owner!

Paddy, according to his neighbors, used the trampoline to leap over a six-foot-tall wooden fence. He did this by bouncing on it. What a clever and nimble puppy!

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This dog tracked his owner’s scent through the streets to the railway station. It was quite amazing that Paddy was permitted to ride in the same train car as his owner. Paddy even sat down next to Thomas. Thomas was very surprised to see his beloved pet sitting right next to him!

Thomas chose not to bring the dog back home because he was really surprised and happy that his pet was with him. Paddy also seemed to feel the same and he also enjoyed the train ride. Now, Thomas had to bring the dog to work, but he was not furious about it. It came as a nice surprise to Thomas that Paddy was with him!

As all dog owners are aware, our doggos follow us practically everywhere we go. Our canine pals desire constant proximity with us. Our canine companions appreciate those who take care of them and that is why we should not be surprised even for one little bit if they find ways to join us when we go out – just like what Paddy did!

Source: SWNS

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