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Dogs surely enjoy experimenting with every household object they can find. Even if they wind up playing with objects that are not designed to be toys, they do whatever they choose with them. It is their way of discovering the world and learning more about the stuff that they encounter.

A French Bulldog would take random objects from its fur mom’s closet. It appeared that the dog’s fur mom and older canine sibling are not strangers to this dog’s actions, as they have watched the dog do this before.

In a humorous video clip, a French bulldog named Lloyd was seen walking through a hallway. As he approached the camera, a closer inspection revealed that Lloyd was dragging a shiny bow.

As Lloyd dashed from the closet to the bedroom with the bow, the dog really looked like it had more wicked plans up its sleeve. And after placing the ribbon inside the bedroom, Lloyd returned to the wardrobe to get another item – a baseball cap.

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The Frenchie took an assortment of strange stuff into the bedroom – paper bags, a box of soap, bags, and dog toys. Lloyd seemed to have pulled out of the closet every item that he can find and get his paws on.

However, the Frenchie had no intention of stopping as he continued to rummage inside the closet for more stuff. As he pulled out a few pairs of rubber shoes, it appeared that Lloyd had discovered the goods that he really wanted.

The persistent puppy continued to rummage inside his fur mom’s wardrobe, as he once again emerged with some crumpled paper. Lloyd returned for more.

Lloyd continued to remove another pair of shoes and a boot from his mother’s wardrobe. However, when the French bulldog snatched up a pair of brown leather boots, Mom has had enough and ordered Lloyd to stop.

Do you believe Lloyd heeded his mother’s plea?

Source: ViralHog

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